We need to start talking about mental health

We need to start talking about mental health

Coming across beer matts in my local pub that tell me ‘it’s time to talk’ almost seems like we are going in the right direction. Mental health seems to be a huge topic in the workplace and in friendship groups now, but how many of us actually feel inclined to say something to our colleagues and friends about how we are feeling? Although it is a step in the right direction, how many of us can say that we feel no judgement around us if we were to mention how we are feeling? I have found that talking to someone who has experienced what you are going through is helpful, and it almost feels like you are getting expert advice. “Hello I am Katie and I specialist in anxiety”. But it can’t help but niggle me that even when I do express how I am feeling, it always ends up in laughter. And by that I mean, I always seem to make it a joke, when deep down I feel like there is a huge weight on my shoulders. I’m sure there have been times when you have been sat with a group of people, and although you are surrounded by the best energy, you still can’t help but feel low. Once you leave, you sit in your car and just sigh, because it is that time that you can just actually feel what you are feeling. And that is the advice that I give people now, I have found, that from personal experience, that I need to let myself feel how I am feeling, otherwise it just escalates into something else.

I suppose the reason I am writing this post is in honour of our good mate Avicii. His music was so positive and uplifting and whenever you played it everyone would just go mad. This just illustrates the fact that although his music didn’t give any indication of his suffering, he still was. Thanks Avecii for all the good memories, your music was the soundtrack to my uni days, and still now, whenever I put your music on, I am transported back to the days of drinking VK’s and making bad choices. Cheers pal.

And if we are making tributes, I want to thank Chester Bennington, a man that made my teenage years, just that bit better. Placed on a playlist, next to Paramore and Nivarna, you honestly changed so many peoples lives, and still, a year on, I am gutted that you couldn’t continue.

The point I am trying to make is, that although that has been a transformation in how we do approach mental health in this country, we still have far to go. With mental health being prominent in the news, as well as in parliament, the long waiting lists, and arrogant workplace ‘stigma’ still needs to be answered for. So I will still keep writing about mental health, until it isn’t deemed to be frowned upon.

Thanks for all the good times Avecii, it’s been fun.




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