Top tips for fake tanning

Top tips for fake tanning

If you are an avid fake tan user like me, you have been there and made every mistake when it comes to applying the stuff. If it’s not your room smelling like a dodgy biscuit it is the patchy elbows and knees.

Through trial and error (and a lot of it) I have finally nearly perfected the tanning routine that doesn’t make you look like a wotsit. Buying the best fake tan just isn’t enough for it to not go wrong and it comes down you having to put in the hard work. Understandably if you have never done it before, it’s usually because you are worried about having to go to work with a streaky arm.

Shower first

I found this out the hard way. Make sure that you shower or have a bath before you decide to fake tan. If you have sweat in the day it can affect the fake tan and even make it go green (gross I know).

Make sure that you exfoliate, properly.

St Moritiz now do a fake tan exfoliator which is actually pretty good. Give yourself a good scrub in the shower, and make sure that you focus on the areas that are likely to streak, which includes knees and elbows.

Dry yourself properly

This is the only time I am going to encourage sitting in your towel after a shower, although I will still do it. Make sure you are properly dry before you use tan as if the skin is still damp the tan can move around on your body and cause you to end up stripey. 

Foam fake tan

If you are new to fake tan then I was suggest that you use a foam tan. The reason I’m saying that is because you can see where you are applying it, where as gradual fake tans can be hit and miss and you end up leaving a patch because you couldn’t see it.

I have also recently come across a new favourite fake tan which is Austrailis. I was lucky enough to be sent some of their tan to try, and I was worried that trying out a new tan could be risky. However, cleverly, all of their tans are matched to the type of skin that you have, which is a really good idea. The tan adapts to your specific skintone to give you a dark tan, and instead of it being an orangey colour, it’s ashy, which is really good. Not only that but it does not smell at all, which is a real plus point because there isn’t anything worse than smelling tan. The mitt itself is really soft and one that you can use over again as it is a nice material.

I really do hope that this helps you gain more confidence when it comes to fake tan. I live by the stuff and always use it when i’m feeling less confident about myself. Let me know what the best tan you have used is?



*This post in is collaboration with Australis. They kindly gifted me the items however all views are my own. For my information visit here. I have also used affiliated links in this post, this makes me a small amount of money at no cost to yourself.


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