Realising that time doesn’t matter

Realising that time doesn’t matter

In previous year I have been obsessed with time. Whether it’s how long it takes me to get a job or whether or not the ‘time is right’. But recently something has just clicked. When will it ever be the right time? We all hear phrases such as ‘it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen’ and ‘just give it time’ but is time just a metaphor for the fact that we just aren’t ready? Using the excuse that time is the reason that you haven’t finished that assignment, or that you cannot go out with your friends, is usually 90% of the reasons people give for not being able to do stuff. But when are we going to bin the excuses and just go with the flow?

Most of us don’t know what the future holds and we probably never will. Would you want to be able to see all the obstacles that are in your way in life? The older I have got (and btw I’m no wiser than when I was 15) the more I have realised that life is different for all of us. Whether it’s career wise, relationship wise, or even appearance wise. We are all walking different paths, and no way is right or wrong. We watch films and think that our lives should be like that. Married by 26, children by 30, high paid job by 32. When in reality it doesn’t work that way. Some people move out when they are 17 and some move out when they are 27. This does not mean either way is right or wrong. It’s all about perspective.

The only time we should focus on is the time we take in looking after ourselves. Not only are we stuck with ourselves for the rest of our life, we are also our worst enemies. By why wouldn’t you look after the one person that is to stick by you in everything? Yourself.

So I think what I am trying to say is there is no right or wrong way to do life. Yes everything does happen for a reason, but don’t shy away because you think it is the wrong time. Embrace it because you never know what could happen.


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