I deleted social media for a week and this is what happened.

I know, how did I live without social media for a week. Well I didn’t die, so that’s good.
Every aspect of the industry that I work in is focused around social media. But Jesus, I needed a break. I spend my life comparing myself to other girls all the time. Whether it’s what they are wearing, where they are working, or their perfect relationship, there is always something to be envious about.
What we forget is social media is just a  reflection of all the great stuff in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I think that there are positives about social media, for example, it spreads awareness for stuff so easily, but as someone that is hard on myself, I had just had enough.
So what I decided to do was to delete Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat off my phone, which just left me Facebook Messenger. I decided to keep that app as it’s just messages instead of pointless scrolling. I didn’t even miss it one bit. It was the cleanse I needed. It made me feel like I was actually focusing on myself and wasn’t focusing on anyone else. I was happier and healthier that week as I actually went to bed at a decent time instead of scrolling through pointless crap on my phone. I was more productive when it came to me getting things done, and working.
My life was so zen.
So i’ve not reinstalled the apps onto my phone. I decided it was just a waste of time and it wasn’t doing me any good. That’s the good thing about social media, you don’t actually know what you are missing. And as for snapchat, once they are gone , they are gone. It can be really overwhelming and sometimes not worth it. So now, I occasionally log onto to my social media on my Ipad and have a quick look, but nothing that is too toxic.
I know doing this won’t be an option for some people. But for me, it worked.
The photo used in this blog was taken with permission from Pexels.

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