Top tips if you are travelling to New York

Top tips if you are travelling to New York

The birthplace of Sex and the City.

So earlier this year I was fortunate enough to get to visit America. I firstly flew out to Florida where I met my parents and our family friends who kindly let us stay in their holiday home with them. After enjoying our time in Florida by trying to cram in all the amusement parks, which may I say was amazing, we flew out to New York as part of my 21st birthday present.

For as long as I remember I have always been desperate to visit New York – my dream of becoming a writer may have had something to do with the character Carrie Bradshaw, in Sex and the City. Don’t get me wrong, not all of New York is the nicest – you see a lot of homeless people which has never sat right with me.

Anyway – once I had landed we got a taxi to our hotel and then decided to go straight out and look around New York. Being the news geek that I am I wanted to go to all of the news outlets that I dream about, including The New York Times, Vouge, CNN and many more. (Spoiler – I got to see them all). I had an amazing time but with such a small amount of time there I had to make sure that I was ready for non stop walking.

Here are some top tips if you are heading out to New York:

Get extra leg room

This is a god sent. Having that bit of extra space on a flight from the UK makes all the difference. The seats work out about £40 more each way but does give you the opportunity to have a good kip before you land meaning you can start exploring right way. The flight that I was on was a Virgin Flight and it was actually quite nice. We were given a menu with a  list of food and drink on it, a travel kit which included an eye mask, pillow, blanket, earplugs and a toothbrush and tooth paste. The choice of entertainment was quite good as well with lots of different things to watch on TV. Once we arrived it was quite easy to grab our bags and head off without any complications.

Beating jet lag

Jet lag can make any trip unpleasant if you don’t beat it straight away. When you arrive in America do not go to sleep until it is about 10pm their time. By keeping yourself awake you should be able to handle the jet lag and in the morning you should feel refreshed. Usually it is worse coming home – but the same rule applies, try not to go to sleep until the time you usually would. No mid afternoon naps.

Plan what you want to do

There’s no point turning up and just ‘winging it’. Research various things that you want to do before you go and plan your days around them. This also includes resturants and coffee shops – lets be honest everyone wants instagrammable holiday pic?

Spread out your money

Making sure that you don’t take all of your money out with you at once is a top tip. New York is so busy and it is so easy for someone to slip their hand in your pocket and take your purse. That’s why it’s a great idea to spread out your money so if your purse doesn’t get stolen you aren’t running around for the rest of the trip trying to get your life together.

Make sure you pack for the appropriate weather

New York weather can be a bit temperamental so make sure you research the weather before you come. You will also need to bring comfortable footwear because I will guarantee you will be walking miles everyday. If you want to look fab but still be comfortable, I suggest a big fur coat and the latest trainers.




 The photo used in this blog was taken with permission from Pexels.

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