I’m doing something crazy

I’m mad

I did think that might catch your eye. So yeah I’m actually mad.

I have just signed up to do the Run Everyday January challenge. So basically you run everyday in January to help raise money for MIND. When I stumbled across this challenge I knew I wanted to raise money and try and start the year off with a positive start.  Not only that but MIND have helped me so much in the past that when it came to do this – I couldn’t help but want to raise money for all the fantastic volunteers.

If you know me, you will know that I don’t find running enjoyable in the slightest But I want to do it to prove to myself that I can. But as someone that has battled with my metal health since I was in year eight, I wanted to to and do something positive to give back to the place that has helped me so much.

If anyone hasn’t heard of MIND, they are basically an amazing charity that support people with mental health. Not only do they give great advice and run really helpful sessions, they have a huge bank of self help guides on their website. They also try and fight the Stigma that is attached to mental health and try to get people to view it as an illness not an emotion.

Anyone can sign up and it’s completely free. They ask for a voluntary donation of £7.50 to cover the cost of the t-shirt but that is it. You then receive a welcome pack and you are ready to roll. Let me know if you do sign up and we can cheer each other on.

There are obviously going to be days that I really won’t want to do it – especially whilst working full time. But this is something that I really want to achive and on them tough days I will remember the donations that I have received and battle on.

ALSO – I have already reached my fundraising target of £100 and I am over the moon. Hopefully I can double that figure.

If you can please donate towards this amazing cause. And it’s a win win – you get to see me in pain for a whole month. To sponsor me click here.


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