The pressure to be perfect

The pressure to be perfect

The ongoing battle with trying to be perfect seems to be increasing everyday for me. It’s easier said than done to pretend like the minor things in life don’t matter. Although we are all different, competition always feels like it’s following us around like a shadow. No matter what we do, where we work, what we end up doing, we all end up in comparision with eachother. It’s strange because you wouldn’t compare a dog to a tiger, so why do we compare each of us to each other? These days the pressure of social media really does have a negative affect on how we feel, so much so that it usually leads to other issue.

As I’ve spoken about previously, it won’t be a shock to you that I suffer from mental health issues, including anxiety. A huge trait of this is that I constantly feel like I’m just not good enough for anything. I constantly feel like I need to better at everything and that I am just not good enough. Whether or not it’s my looks, my brain, my job or my friendships, I always think that I should be doing better. Which comes to my next point, the pressure to be perfect is just becoming too much and it’s worrying that we don’t know how to handle it. It’s one of those issues, that we all question. When is enough enough? Even when I try my absolute hardest I never quite feel like i’m good enough for what I am doing. And this is what is currently damaging about todays society. Seeing brands like ASOS use real life models, with stretch marks and disabilities, is just one of the ways we can move away from this culture. Gone are the days where you are deemed to not fit the criteria, it’s now time for change.

So what should we do if we don’t feel good enough?

  1. Tell yourself that you are.

Basically fake it until you make it. If you feel like you are a let down, convince yourself that you are not. It’s so easy for us to critisise our every move, but when do we ever praise ourselves for what we are doing? Give yourself a break and just realise that you can only do your best.

2. People don’t pay as much attention as you think

When you have your stretch marks showing and you are worried that you cannot possibly wear a swimming costume, stop. No-one really pays that much attention and when we start to realise that actually our biggest hater is ourselves, then you realise that it will all be okay.

3. Give yourself a bloody break

It’s exhausting feeling like you need to do better, and it’s something that can be avoided. Write down everything positive that you have done that day and realise that you are worth it, and that you need to just take it easy.


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