The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

Thanks to Carly who has nominated me to do this (  You guys should go head over to her page after this because she’s really sweet and she’s super supportive with blogging.

I have only just started blogging after debating it for so long. I’ve always loved writing so decided that I was just going to launch my website and hopefully watch it grow. The name (which some people won’t understand) is basically a name I gave myself when I first joined Twitter when I was about 14. Ever since then I ‘ve had all my platforms the same and when I started to think about blogging – I thought why not use the name that everyone knows me by.

Yeah I know, fascinating story.

Anyway! These are the rules for the awards (Which I have pinched off Carly).

The Rules

  1.  Display the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog on your blog
  3. Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting
  4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
  5. Answer all 11 questions that the blogger gave you
  6. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers for this award and notify them of this
  7. Give the nominees 11 questions to answer

My 10 random facts.

  1. I am a Journalist. (A nice one I promise).
  2. I obsessed with unicorns and dogs. They are my two favourite things ever.
  3. I must own over 40 pairs of shoes.
  4. I danced for around 14 years before I went to uni.
  5. I went to University in Leeds, which was my second choice university. I am now so happy that I actually went because I made the best friends ever.
  6. I am obsessed with Asian food.
  7. I am a tea and coffee addict. Both of which have to be strong.
  8. I have a phobia of sloths. (No they are not cute they are terrifying)
  9. I love documentaries – especially crime ones.
  10. I am a qualified lifeguard.

My 11 questions – answered.

What are the best and worst purchases you have ever made?

The best purchase I have ever made is probably be my Dr Martins, just purely because I have had them for years and they always make a return. My worst purchase has to probably be

What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

I love vinegar and cucumber.

What is your most used emoji?

Obviously the unicorn.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Probably not to give a fuck if people don’t like you. I feel like I spent a lifetime fixing broken friendships and sometimes they can’t be mended. I think i’d also tell myself that it is okay to be alone, and actually the only way to find happiness, is through yourself. Not other people.

What’s the funniest lie you’ve told to get yourself out of trouble?

I have told quite a few in my time. Think the most famous one has to be when my teacher asked me why I was wearing stripey socks and I told her my mum couldn’t afford anymore socks. It ended up with a note home about financing new socks and my mum being embarrassed.

What are your red flags on a date?

If someone is vain, and judgmental it’s usually a no. Also if they don’t like cheese, they are weird.

When you’re having a bad day what things do you do to make yourself feel better?

Hang out with my parents. (I’m pretty lame) but they are both so funny and my mum is pretty extra so she makes me laugh a lot.

What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

I got a scar on my boob from where I had a lump cut out. Pretty cool battle wound if you ask me.

If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be?

Camera, notepad and pen, Happy by Fearne cotton, and my car.

What has been the best day of your life so far?

Oh god I actually don’t know. I think finding out my results at uni was a pretty good day for me.

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

I am the most embarrassing, clumsy, ridiculous person you will ever meet. So I couldn’t tell you just one.

My questions.

  1. Who do you admire the most and why?
  2. What is my dream date?
  3. If I went in your handbag what would I find?
  4. What’s your favourite shop?
  5. What is your best memory?
  6. Do you think people should talk politics at work?
  7. If you could give your best friend a piece of advice what would it be?
  8. What is a quote that you live by?
  9. Do you have any regrets?
  10. If you could eat anything right now what would it be?

I nominate:





21 year-old lifestyle blogger who loves unicorns and glitter. Thank you for checking out my posts you absolute babes x

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  1. January 26, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Thanks for the nomination, Katie!! Really like this post!! I especially enjoyed the part where you talked about finding happiness through yourself, that really resonated with me.

    Keep the great posts coming! 🙂

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