L’Oréal v’s Revolution: The foundation stick review

L’Oréal v’s Revolution: The foundation stick review

So after becoming pretty addicted to Youtube and watching every review under the sun, I thought why not do my own review. I have been battling for the past few months to find a really good foundation that actually stays on my face and doesn’t make my face look like I have a skin disease.

For me, a good foundation needs to feel lightweight, as I hate the feeling of touching your face and your makeup sliding off. I also don’t want it to feel thick as I wear glasses, and every glasses wearer knows how horrifying it is when you take off your glasses and half your makeup is on them. I also need it to be pretty full coverage, although I have clear skin, I do find that if I use a lightweight foundation it really doesn’t look much difference. I have quite oily skin and my quite big pores, meaning that I also need a foundation that won’t just sit on my skin, like an extra layer, but actually will sink into my skin.

Although I am not mega pale, in those winter months I have to use quite light foundation. I usually use Estée Lauder Double Wear which is probably the best foundation that I have found yet, however, it’s pricey, meaning that I can’t afford to buy a lot of different shades for it.

So I thought I would test out two different stick foundations, too see which one was better.

Buy or bye?

Name : L’Oréal Infallible foundation stick

Price: £8.99

So this was the first out of the two sticks I wanted to review. The packaging is quite nice, and easy to use. The black and silver makes it look simple, yet professional, which overall makes it look really appealing. The stick itself isn’t too big, but you do get a reasonable amount of product, which is fab because no-one wants to buy something that runs out the next week. So overall the look and the price of the foundation is okay.

Now let’s talk shade ~ literally~.

I’m sorry lorael but how can a million pound company not do a range of shades. There is only currently 12 shade available from what i understand. I bought the lightest shade I could find which was 120, and found that it is making me look super orange, and I am not even that pale. The lightest shade you can get is 100?!! Which I am 100% sure with not cater for people with fair skin. The tone underneath the foundation for me is too orange. I also teamed it with one of the primers, which made me look SUPER orange.

The formula itself is actually really creamy and really easy to use. It beats into your face nicely and stays on for a long period of time. I would probably wear it if it wasn’t so orange and actually did the perfect shade for me. I also picked their blusher stick, which is set out the same as the foundation. I actually use the stick everyday because it only gives a slight tint to my cheeks and also blends in really well.

Name: Revolution Fast Base foundation stick

Price: £5

There has been so much hype around this product that I just had to try it. My local Superdrug doesn’t stock this yet, so I had to order online, which did take a while to arrive but it was worth the wait. Let’s start with this. It has 18 shades. Revolution listened.

The packaging is really nice, the cream and gold make it look like a high end brand and you get quite a lot of product with this. The stick itself is a tiny bit smaller than the L’Oréal one, but I really like both the foundations, as the packaging for both is really nice. When using the foundation a little went a long way. The foundation was ridiculously creamy, and much more full coverage than the L’Oréal stick.  I used the shade F3, which is the same shade as the concealer I use. I think next time I will go a tad bit darker, but because the foundation has so many shade ranges I will easily be able to go darker without looking silly.

This stick didn’t have an orange tone to it at all, and I even picked up a darker shade for a cream bronzer, which worked really well. The foundation itself is really creamy and full coverage, which is good. One thing I will say is that I struggled to get it to set to my face. As I said earlier I hate taking my glasses off and my make up being on them, and this foundation really slid off my face. I think next time I will set my whole face to make sure that my makeup actually stays on. After 10 hours of wearing it my makeup was still on, just part of my foundation had slid around my face and made it look ultra greasy. I think if you don’t have oily skin this foundation will give you the best finish.


I think overall the Revolution Fast Base foundation stick has to win. The formula is super creamy and it’s nearly half of the price of the L’Oréal Stick. I know, I said it didn’t fit in with my oily face, but I think if you prime and prep your face properly and set it afterwards then the result would be a lot different.

Let me know what your go to foundation is in the comments. 


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  1. March 14, 2018 / 10:28 am

    Great review. I definitely won’t be getting the loreal one because I am VERY pale!! The other sounds better, I tend to just wear a base of powder because of my sensitive skin but might have a look as I do sometimes need more coverage!!

  2. March 14, 2018 / 12:04 pm

    Great review I’ve never tried a stick foundation before. It’s great that revolution offer a range of shades such as a shame l’oreal don’t as I do like their foundation usually.

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