Learning to wind down

Learning to wind down

I have recently found it very difficult to unwind and relax. Work is manic and I am just looking for some time to think. When I was talking to my mum about it she suggested that I found a way to help me deal with the stress. Whether or not it would be going for a run, or coming home and showering to wash the day off. It’s really important for us to find a way to escape and deal with stress otherwise it can just build up and end up defeating us.

I have tried loads of different ways to combat stress but find this one thing always helps. Having a bath. I am such a bath person. If I’m not eating or sleeping I am sat in the bath, watching Big Bang theory and browsing on ASOS. Sorry not sorry that’s just part of who I am. So when I was given the opportunity to work with Soap and Glory I jumped to the chance. I have always used their products and have used them for ages.

So I am sorry but making sure your bath is perfect is probably one the main things in life. You can’t have it too hot or too cold, and you need the right amount of bubbles. The bubble bath that I am using at the moment is the best and really helps me relax. Soap and Glory ‘the calm one’ is probably my favorite bath product at the moment. I absolutely love the smell and everything about it. The smell of strawberries and mandarin go together so well with the floral and vanilla undertones.

What makes it better is that it isn’t tested on animals? Although the the vegan era is upon us there are still so many brands out there that still test on animals.

Once I’ve finished in the bath after about 2 hours. I then use the Soap and Glory spritz me quick moisturising mist which is amazing. I love it so much, as it basically is a spray that makes you feel amazing and it dries almost instantly which is probably the best thing about it. It also comes in a tube so you can just take it anywhere with you, which I know I will be doing for my holiday.



*This post is in collaboration with Soap and Glory. Some of the items mentioned were gifted.


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