Is the fast fashion fix worth it?

Is the fast fashion fix worth it?

We are all guilty of it. Deciding that everytime we have an event we need to buy a new outfit, and then secretly only wearing it once, leaving it in our wardrobe and then giving it away to charity. If you are like me and are eccentric with their dress sense, then I understand your pain. Outfits are always remembered if they are out there and standoffish and that’s what we want. However, the disposable fashion industry is something that we need to think about. We are already on the hype of banning plastic straws, but could we make more of a conscious effort to reuse and abuse our outfits?

Answer is yes, we could. I have been thinking a lot about how I can try and spice up my wardrobe and I always find that I buy things once, wear it once, and then give it away. And it’s bad.

This term disposable fashion comes from the idea that clothes are now fast and cheap. The problem with today’s society is the fashion cycle comes around too quickly, so once you have bought what is in fashion, it then becomes irrelevant. I agree, it’s hard to love what is in our wardrobe when shops are bringing out new outfits every single day and you are trying to keep up. Brands like Boohoo and Misguided are great for finding clothes at a low cost, that will turn up the day before a party. But actually it is really bad for our environment. The pressure on companies to reduce costs also puts pressure on the quality of goods and style of work, which is why you find that some clothes aren’t great quality.

Criticisms of fast fashion include its negative environmental impact, water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste. Especially as fashion bloggers, we have a hunger for newness, and always having to post in new clothes, and it is exhausting. The pressure on us to have the new trends is becoming difficult to keep up with. But finding a solution is also hard and kinda boring.

Lately I have realised that I don’t own anything that I actually need. For example, I do not own a pair of jeans that actually fit me, or a collection of plain, but very comfortable t-shirts. There are no white shirts hanging in my wardrobe or work trousers, and it’s worrying. Instead of spending my money on items of clothes that I will wear once and then get rid of (and that is a lot) I need to start to focus on the basics. The staple items. My wardrobe needs a serious detox and that includes that random sock draw that has nothing matching in it. The three main questions you should ask yourself is, do I need it? Does it fit? When did you last wear it? And do you love it? Sorry folks, all four boxes need to be ticked for the item to be placed back in the wardrobe.

I have now decided it is time that I make a conscious effort to not contribute all my wages to fast fashion. Of course, you aren’t always going to wear everything you own, but is it really worth it?

Let me know how you feel about it all?


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