Instagram themes are just not for me

Instagram themes are just not for me

Hello beautiful people. Firstly I just wanted to thank every single person that actually clicks on my blog, even if you don’t read it. I was really nervous to start my own space on the internet, because I’m showing a more honest part of myself. I never really thought that a month on I would have already achieved all of this, so thank you. (Read my post about 1 month into blogging if you like.)


Now one thing I was so conscious about was this whole ‘Instagram theme’ melarkey. I always seem to scroll through Instagram and see so many pretty feeds.


Don’t get me wrong, some people’s grams are amazing. So so aesthetically pleasing and looks great from the outside, but for me, I feel like if I decided to have a theme, that wouldn’t represent me. For those of you that haven’t guessed yet, i’m a bit of a strange character. My mum always says that I wouldn’t be me if my clothes matched, and I feel the same with my Instagram. I have always believed that we can all get to where we want to be in different ways, and if I was to create a theme for my Instagram then it just wouldn’t be a true reflection of me as a person, or as a content creator. The idea that to be successful you need to follow a certain theme I am certain is bollocks.


I have decided to take the pressure off myself and just enjoy posting. I’m really new here, so i’m sure in a years time I will look back on my posts and cringe at how bad they are. But that’s something that I am kinda looking forward to, because we all need room to grow.


So many people have a style that they stick to which is amazing, but I can’t do that. Sometimes I want the classic marble theme, and other I want a brightly coloured unicorn theme. And that’s cool with me.


I feel like some of us don’t need to worry about the theme, but about the content instead. About what we are posting and why we are posting it. The internet is a space where we can be ourselves and have no restrictions, which is why I’ve decided that I’m just going to do what the fuck I want.


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