I need to slow down

I need to slow down

Hello everyone, I am back. Not sure you even realised I was gone,  but hey ho here I am. I haven’t really posted anything for a while on my blog, and there’s a few reasons for that. Firstly, I am always torn about what to write. I brainstorm ideas and then sit and my laptop and contemplate whether or not anyone will even want to read it. The second reason is I always seem so busy at the moment, and I sometimes really don’t want to force a rubbish blog post out, so would just rather not. It’s okay though. Nothing wrong with taking a break. Whether or not that’s from studying, seeing people or even working. The world isn’t going to stop and that’s okay. So what the fuck have you been doing? Recently I don’t know whether I am coming or going. Work seems to get more manic every week, and on top of that I have quite a bit of pressure on me to pass my NCTJ exams. Not only that but I am trying to lose weight, and get fit, as well as working on this blog. I have just had my room redone (and it looks amazing), so I really haven’t had time to write, and also my laptop died (cry).

“Hello I am Katie and I take on far too much in a week.”

Struggling to find the time to even wash your hair is probably when you need to take a step back. I love having plans, and seeing my friends and I take pride is being able to fit it around my life. Whether or not it is a night out, or having to pop to a council meeting, I will always make sure I do it all, and although it seems like a good quality, it really isn’t. The problem is, taking on everything isn’t actually that productive and can make you feel like you are running out of fuel. That is how I feel at the moment. I constantly see people tweeting about how productive they have been, and then there is me. Dragging myself out of bed and not even brushing my hair. Fueled by caffeine. I think part of the problem is that everyone in today’s society has to be doing someone 24/7. I can’t remember the last time I just sat down for 10 minutes and did nothing. Not looking at my phone or reading a book, doing literally nothing. Every couple of months I seem to crash and burn and just not want to do anything, and that is a problem.

I work 6 days a week, and don’t usually give myself enough time to even look after myself and I have promised myself this needs to change.

Here are some of the smaller things I am going to do to lighten up my life:

  1. Work out when I am most productive and go from there
  2. Decline plans if I don’t think I will have time for important stuff
  3. Give myself a free night a week to sort my shit out
  4. Write a realistic to do list
  5. Start the couch to 5k again

I really hope I am not the only person that sometimes feels like they are suffocating. I know, that being an adult is hard, and every single person tells me this, but it doesn’t minimise the fact that we are struggling. Working full time is hard, not working at all is hard, life is difficult and we all find different ways to cope. It all starts with acknowledging the problem and mine is that I am someone that likes to keep busy but moans when she is. Taking time for yourself isn’t something you should ever feel guilty about and something that I am going to try and do

Let me know if you are like me!



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