How to deal with friendship heartbreak

How to deal with friendship heartbreak

Heartbreak has never ever been more prominent in my until I lose a friend. For some reason falling out with a friend has always been a lot more difficult for me to deal with than any boyfriend. I have checked into heartbreak hotel more times with friends than with any romantic relationship and it is hard.

Sitting around wondering what you have done, or whether or not you can forgive someone can also be hard. Having loyal friends leave you is honestly the worst feeling. It feels like you are being cheated on and it’s real. I have experienced this so many times now and know that in my twenties I will have to go through it over and over agian.

So here are some tips to help you get over it

  1. Forgive yourself

I have found that when my friendships break up I become obsessed with them. Constantly thinking about what I have done wrong and why things ended so badly. Sometimes you just need to stop blaming yourself. Your biggest critic is your own so try and be kind to yourself. 

2. Unfollow them

Yep you heard me. Delete them out of your life. The pain of breaking up with anyone is always difficult without having to see every aspect of their life on social media. Unfollow them and block them because I have realised that social media really needs to become a positive space for you, not a negative one. And also, what they are tweeting or posting isn’t a true reflection of what they are going through.

3. Find new friends

Yep I said it. Replace them. The great thing about losing a friend is you have time for more friends. I always think that the quality of the friendship isn’t something that can be measured for how long you have known them for. Someone that comes into your life could have better intentions for you than someone that has been in it for years. Look at it as a way for you to grow and meet new people.

4. Stop talking about it

Although it sometimes helps to talk about what has happened, there’s no point just going on and on about it. I’ve experienced recently  that people will litearlly tweet about you even though they say that they are over it. They aren’t. Be positive and look forward. Talk about different subjects with your friends and stop bloody going on about old broken ones.

5. Let it go

It really is time to let it go. Give yourself a couple of days to get over what has happened and move on. Find new hobbies and new experiences. Don’t let what has happened in the past affect what is going to happen in the future.


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  1. June 4, 2018 / 1:38 am

    Dealing with heartbreak can be very hard. I like your suggestions for dealing with it – and I love your outfit photo! That rainbow jumper is gorgeous and looks fabulous styled with the black mini-skirt. Your lipstick, eye-makeup and hair all look very pretty.

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