k8t4unicorns.com is a blog that I write in my spare time and is edited by myself.

With my site only just launching, I am yet to have any collaborations but it will be something that I will be working towards in the future. If there was to be any sponsored content or affiliated marketing this is something that would be made clear in my posts.

Due to the newness of my blog I have used some pictures aren’t those of my own – this will be stated at the end of the post and will be used with permission and without royalty. I try my best to use my own photographs and will develop this as my site grows.

The opinionated content that is written on my site is the opinion of myself Katie Ridley and none of anyone else’s. I try and make my posts as accurate and honest as possible and do not write any content that I do not believe in.

I am happy to work with brands that I am genuinely interested in. If you want to work with me please click here for more information.