Dealing with writers block

Dealing with writers block

The curse of not being able to write. 

How ironic. I have been sat here for the past two hours staring at my screen trying to give people advice on how to deal with writers block. It’s weird that I am never usually lost for words verbally and always seem to have some witty comeback, always seem to want to have the last word, and just generally always have a perspective on something. Yet I sit in front of my laptop and can’t seem to be able to write down what I want to say.

Even when you have a sentence in your head you still sit and wonder how you are going to put pen  to paper. I know that quite a lot of people struggle when it comes to writing directly onto their blog, and other can’t bare to think about picking up a pen and writing on paper. We are all different. One thing that I am sure we all have in common is experiencing not being able to write what we want to say.

Why is it that you always seem to get good ideas when you aren’t expecting them? My current best places to think about blog posts are at work, or when I am on a night out?! But that is the beauty of blogging. You are in control of everything, and forced ideas are usually the worst ones. I know that the posts that I am most proud of are posts that I have written from the heart, that has just flowed naturally. Of course, sometimes it will be hard for you to say what you want to say, and I am one of those people who will write a post and then once it is posted, hate it, so don’t beat yourself up if you are finding it hard to write anything at all.

Here are some of the best ways I deal with writers block.

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Walking away

Yes I know this can seem like the last thing you want to do when you are trying to write, but leaving the situation and coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes can really be the best option. When I am stressed at work I usually take my lunch and go for a walk around the town. It’s not much but once I have had some fresh air, and a walk around, it really does help me to get going again.


Now, I am not one of those people that can work with music blaring in the background, however sometimes I find that stopping and listening to music can really help me focus. Like I said before, taking a step back can really help freshen up ideas. Maybe try making a playlist that really helps you get in the zone, I know for me, weirdly, Lily Allen really helps me concentrate.


There are studies that show can good exercise can be for you, mentally and physically, so why do we avoid it? I know that when I’m busy and stressed, I put off exercising because I don’t feel like I have time, when actually, that is something we really need to take time for. Whether or not it’s working out in the gym or simply just going for a dog walk, it can really help.


Sorry, but, tea makes everything better. If you are struggling, get up, make yourself a cup of tea, and then get on with it. If you feel like you still really can’t write, leave it until tomorrow.


The amount of times I have struggled with article ideas or blog posts and I have messaged a friend asking for advice. I find by talking to people about it, it makes it easier to understand what people want to read. Get up and start talking to people about issues that they think are important, whether it’s over a coffee with a friend, talking to your mum over dinner, or even a simple Twitter poll (like I did here) it can really help give you ideas and become more creative with your writing

Please let me know if you have any good coping methods to help deal with writers block


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