COMPETITION TIME. Plus how I am spicing up my wardrobe

COMPETITION TIME. Plus how I am spicing up my wardrobe

So hello lovely people,

Thought I would do a post on how to customise and spice up your wardrobe. I have been looking for a fab new jacket for so long now, and once I started looking online, I realised just how expensive they can be. I am quite picky when it comes to clothes and love looking in vintage shops, just purely because I love to wear stuff that not everyone else has. A while back I bought an oversized Levis denim jacket from a charity shop and ever since I have been in love. So I decided that I would make my jacket unique to me, by styling it (and thanks mum for ironing on the patches, you the real MVP).

So far I have got a collection of pins and badges on it from Skinny Dip London and H and M, and also decided that I would buy some iron on patches for the back and arms of the jacket. I bought these from H and M and Topshop, and they seem to have loads of really cute patches at the moment.

I have also recently come across The Old English Company, who have some amazingly sassy pins that are to die for. When I was looking through the collection I saw so many pins that I wanted, and I am now going to have to find place for them on my jacket! Not only that but the enamel pins are actually such nice quality and you can tell they have had have a lot of thought put into them.

Here is a link to all the pins they currently offer:

I think my favourite has to be the ‘coffee then the world’ pin just purely because everyone know I am fueled by coffee.

Want to know the best news?

THE OLD ENGLISH COMPANY ARE RUNNING A COMPETITION AND YOU CAN WIN THEM. I know right, how fricken amazing. The new set that are being launched are honestly incredible, and I am 100% going to purchase them.


Okay sick, how can I enter?

To enter the competition, all you have to do is email your favourite enamel pin design from their range to

They will be picking the winner at random on May 30th so you better get entering.

For more information on the compeition visit 

They also don’t just do pins, but such cute home-ware, greetings cards, prints and stationary. Which are so cute and I am going to order so much stationary it’s not ok.




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