Barbados in photos

Barbados in photos

So just over a month ago I was lucky enough to visit Barbados with my family and some of our friends. It was an amazing experience and well worth the 9 hour flight and the awful jet lag. From the moment hat we arrived I realised how special it was, and we were lucky enough to stay in the most beautiful villa with a breathtaking view. The food was amazing and everywhere we went everyone was so friendly. I knew there was no way I could show you guys how beautiful Barbados was so I thought i’d bite the bullet and just show you the snaps.


Forever forcing my brother to take videos for my vlog and take all my blog pictures. As you can tell in these photos he’s happy with the idea of it.



This was probably the best day ever. We ended up swimming with turtles whilst snorkeling and it was just breathtaking. Something I will never forget.

Also I have come to the conclusion that it’s okay to be a bit chubby and still want to show off your photos. You can’t have every aspect of your life together all the time.

Not sure if you have noticed but I spent 99.9% of the holiday with my hair in a bun right on top of my head because it was too hot to have it down.


These are the crazy bunch of people I was lucky enough to go on holiday with. We had the best time. Thanks guys for such an amazing holiday.


So there you go. I also have a vlog that I am still editing (I don’t have a laptop at the moment so it’s going to be a while). I hope you enjoyed these xxx



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