About me

Oh hello – Fancy seeing you here.

Welcome to K8t4unicorns.com. Don’t even ask me about the name. I think I needed a Twitter name so I decided on that when I was like 14 – it’s now stuck with me and because all my Social Media handles are that I thought why not just make my blog that. Honestly I knew that no-one could have that domain name because it’s so weird and wonderful. (.. kinda).

Because I’m new here I’d thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Katie, i’m a 21 year old Journalism Graduate. I love the news, writing, filming, presenting … the lot. I also am addicted to tea and coffee, and when I’m not drowning in them two, I usually have a gin in my hand.

I have always tried to write, and since I have graduated I have been itching to just keep going. Please do be nice to me, but also any constructive criticism is always helpful.

Obviously I’m pretty new to this community – but if you are interested in working with me please visit here.

Hope you guys enjoy my site.