What I learnt from Sex and the City

What I learnt from Sex and the City

June 1998 is the year that the famously brilliant Sex and the City aired, I was only two years old, yet I am such a big fan. That’s what is so brilliant about older TV shows, no matter when you were born the age range of their fan base can have a range of all ages. Take Friends for example, or even Only Fools and Horses. Two shows that I am a massive fan of, I have probably seen every episode a thousand times, yet I wasn’t even born when they premiered.

That’s the beauty of timeless television. It doesn’t matter what generation you can from you can relate. Sex and the City is probably one of my favorite ever television shows, with Carrie Bradshaw living the New York life. She has an immense wardrobe, a cracking job that seems to allow her to work one night a week and still be able to afford a New York apartment, and a group of loyal mates. All of these things are hard to find individually, let alone together. I have recently seen articles that talk about how unrealistic the show is, but let’s be honest, most TV shows are this way now, and that is probably why we enjoying watching them so much.

Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbs and Charlotte York all taught us a great deal with it comes to life. From boyfriends, to friendship issues, to the taboo of not being able to conceive, they have been through it all.

So what have they taught us?

Sometimes you have to forgive

Like Carrie and Mr Big sometimes people make mistakes and life is too short. Everyone makes mistakes throughout the show, including Carrie cheating on Aiden, and being cheated on herself. Without forgiveness, there would be no Miranda and Steve, Carrie and Big, Charlotte and Harry or Samantha and Smith. Sex and the City illustrates how time heals, and how it is okay to take time to get over something, but life is too short to not forgive people.

Sometimes you need new shoes

I’m being honest here, nothing makes you feel better than a new pair of shoes. We can all admit that the shoe addiction is one that nearly all of us have at one stage in our lives.

“The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.” -Carrie Bradshaw

People aren’t as happy as they appear

Charlotte York needs to be praised for not giving up on the thought of love. After marrying a rich doctor she soon came to realise that the perfect relationship doesn’t seem to exist. Throughout the show the girls go to a number of different baby showers and parties, where people celebrate a milestone in their life, yet aren’t happy. Just because people are celebrating things does not mean that they are happy, remember that.

We don’t have to be conventional

Relationships don’t have to be marriage and then children. This show taught us that even back in the 90’s it was okay to be unconventional. Charlotte adopting a little girl, Carrie marrying but never wanting children, Miranda and Steve bringing up Brady even when they weren’t together, and the Samantha and Smith saga. If this show has taught me anything it is that everyone has a different path in life, and it is okay if yours is to a different destination.

Life doesn’t work out how you thought it would

Remember how Carrie moved to Paris to be with the love of her life, and she thought that that would be her life sorted? Reality is that not everything works out the way it should. Look at Charlotte, she fell in love with her divorce lawyer, if she had never married before that would have never of happened. Things not working out usually does us all a favour.

Friends are everything

They will be there for you until the end. Through break up’s and fashion crisis’ the ones that stand by you are the real soul mates. They are the real MVP.

“We made a deal ages ago .men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soul mates.” – Samantha Jones

What have you learnt from Sex and the City? Let me know


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  1. April 26, 2018 / 7:49 am

    I love this, but am very slightly weirded out by the fact that I’d left school before you were even born!!! Great messages to get from the show though xx

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